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Hello there, I'm Hannah Youngblood, owner of Oso Pretty Things!

In the past few years I have taken a wild interest in floral design and have made it my mission to brighten up spaces one flower at a time. I have always appreciated creativity in others and my hope is to add some originality in my creations. I make things on a [very small] budget - proving that pretty doesn't have to be pricey. I love decorating, creating and arranging spaces, whether that be for an event, a holiday or simply for everyday living.

I am based out of Fort Worth, TX, but I am more than willing to discuss the possibility of traveling for events or weddings.

I love helping people - it brings me great joy. My hope is that you will gain something from these little creations of mine, and I would love to be a part of your special day or event! 

A Little More About Me...

  1. My goal is to live like Jesus - to drink wine, love everyone and care for those who are hurting. 

  2. I am a Baylor University grad, sic'em!

  3. Music is life. I make it my goal to go to a concert a month and try to discover new music often. 

  4. I am the [semi] proud owner of Buddy, the 5-year-old Hound mix who is the laziest. 


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